organizational development

organizational development
= OD
A long-term, systematic, and prescriptive approach to planned organizational change. It applies the concepts of the social and behavioural sciences to the problem of changing an organization; in doing do it treats the organization as a complex social and technical system, which should have enough flexibility to change its design according to the nature of its tasks and external environment. Its purpose is to derive strategies and initiatives for improving the effectiveness of an organization, largely by making the best use of the qualities and capabilities of its human resources. To be effective, organizational development should pervade the whole organization, forming part of the strategy that informs all the activities within it. It requires a total corporate commitment, requiring full understanding and acceptance by everyone in the organization. Inherent in organizational development is an overall purpose to address issues and solve problems in a way that is consistent with the organizational culture See also organizational behaviour; organizational design; organizational theory

Big dictionary of business and management. 2014.

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